Products and Services

In addition to manufacturing our integral dye, we are a proud distributer of Increte Systems products.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Products in our showroom

  • Color Hardeners A broadcast, surface colorant.  It increases surface strength while providing a uniform color.  Broadcast and trowel in.
  • Release Agents Pigmented powdered release.  Applied to the surface prior to stamping.  After 24 hours it is washed over and you are left with an antiqued look
  • Sealers and Stain Sealers VOC compliant, solvent borne, acrylic sealers.  Designed to keep concrete looking new.  Spray/Roll evenly in light coats.  Slab must be dry for at least 24 hours.  Stain sealers are pigmented and will apply an even, uniform look.
  • Acid Stains and Stone Essence Both water based and acid based stains which can be applied in various methods.  Both offer mottled, variegated looks. 
  • Spray Deck / Texture Crete Material A product composed of resin/grout and sprayed with a popcorn sprayer.  Can be knocked down for a ‘stucco’ style finish.  Provides natural skid resistance.
  • Finishing Aids Various products to help finishing such as surface retarders, trowel glides, etc.

With 20+ years in experience in the decorative concrete industry, Mid-Atlantic Pigments offers first rate guidance to our customer when it comes to selecting and applying the right products.


Six Flags - MarylandTraining is offered on site. If you are interested, call the office and speak with Holly to setup a day and discuss pricing.

We also offer our laboratory match service to our customers at no charge. Whether from a color chart or a sample, simply bring in the piece you wish to have matched. We typically have a formula and price for your new color within 3-4 business days.

Delivery service is handled through freight or hand delivery, depending on location. Currently, next day service is offered to many places in the greater Metro area. Call for price and availability.