Our Warehouse of Concrete Coloring ProductsMid-Atlantic Pigments, LLC was founded by Jim Moran on the basis that everyone should be able to afford and have available the highest quality decorative concrete products, no matter the manufacturer. Jim Moran has been distributing and installing decorative concrete products for over 20 years. Though he continues to install color and decorative concrete, he now spends most of his days training, educating, and distributing pigments and products to ready mix companies, contractors, architects and homeowners.

Mid-Atlantic Pigments, LLC is not only a distributor of concrete products and pigments, but we are also a manufacturer of our own line of Integral Dyes.  In addition to manufacturing our own line of integral dyes, we also have laboratory matches to any other pigment company’s colors.  Mid-Atlantic’s Pigments are pure synthetic iron oxide pigments containing no fillers or additives that will affect the performance of the concrete mix design. These colors are lime-proof, sunfast, inert, and meet or exceed the criteria of ASTM C979. All of these products are readily available at our showroom and warehouse facility located in Crofton, Maryland.

Mid-Atlantic Pigments offers fast and friendly service of only the highest quality products at competitive prices. Holly Thompson of Mid-Atlantic Pigments has worked in color and decorative concrete for over 10 years. She has created and maintained relationships with our customers and vendors while running the office in Crofton, Maryland. Holly is available to provide help with technical questions and materials.

Matthew Moran is the newest addition to our Mid-Atlantic Pigments team. He brings with him over 10 years of sales experience. Though he is now a part of our sales team, he has experience working in the field which therefore brings knowledge and understanding into the office. Matt can help to answer technical questions regarding installation and materials. He is committed to customer satisfaction and has the ability to be available to his customers as needed.