Will the color fade?

No, because our color is sunfast and meets all ASTM requirements, you can be assured that your color will not fade.

How do I know how much color to order?

One of the ways Mid-Atlantic Pigments differs from the competition is the way we package of our color.  There is no measuring or weighing out of material for our customers because everything is prepackaged per cubic yard of concrete.  The customer simply needs to know the mix design and total cubic yardage for the concrete they plan on pouring before they order.

How many colors are there to choose from?

You may choose from one of the color charts we have available in our showroom or on display under the “Integral Color” page.  These standard color charts have been designed to represent the most popular colors based upon our 20 year tenure in the industry.  In addition to the standard colors we can offer any color in our database of over 3,000 formulas, including laboratory matches to many competitor’s colors.

For more information about our color match process, check out the products and services page.

Are integral colors affordable?

This is one of the core values of Mid-Atlantic Pigments.  For the longest time, quality integral dye was simply inaccessible to most customers.  Mid-Atlantic Pigments has revolutionized integral color through innovative packaging and pricing techniques.  By eschewing filler material and offering a designer line of budget, on hand color, Mid-Atlantic Pigments has made color affordable to anyone installing concrete.  Bulk discounts are also available for larger jobs.

Please keep in mind that Integral color does range in price based on the raw materials needed to produce each color.  The darkest colors and those with Blue/Green tend to be the most expensive.

Contact us today for a color quote.

How do I order color?

Simply call our office @ 1.888.671.1627 and have the following information on hand:

  • Total cubic yardage of the concrete to be colored
  • Total weight of cement content per cubic yard
  • The color you are interested in purchasing

How do I add the color to the truck?

Adding our color is simple:  open the box, remove the color from the brown paper bag, and add the entire water soluble bag into the back of the mixer.  The mixer should turn for 10 minutes equating to approximately 100 revolutions.  Dispose of the brown bag and box accordingly.