Integral Dye

With no minimum quantities, next day delivery in the Baltimore/Washington Area and the ability to provide laboratory matches to all major color suppliers, Mid-Atlantic Pigments offers superior flexibility and convenience often neglected by the big companies.

Some of our raw iron oxide pigments prior to blending

  • All color is blended and manufactured with raw pigments on site.  Our colors are made to order and in the quantities desired by our customers.
  • Our color contains only the highest quality synthetic iron oxide pigments.  We do not use fillers, additives, or organic pigments which inflate price or diminish quality.  As a result, our color is lime-proof, sunfast and inert.  Because there are no fillers or additives, you find our pricing as competitive as possible.
  • Our color meets and/or exceeds all criteria for integral colorant including ASTM C979.  They won’t affect any mix design properties.
  • For our ready-mix customers: Ask about our STOCK SYSTEM!  Our consignment sales system is a great way to provide same day service and color to fulfill the last minute requests for your customers! We provide this service at no cost to you.  No upfront investment, and you only pay for the color you sell.

Our packaging solution

  • Color is packaged in per-yard increments (unless otherwise specified) to alleviate any onsite confusion or labor for our customers.  Simply open the brown paper bag, remove the water soluble, alcohol bag and toss it into the truck.  Repeat this process for each yard of concrete in the mixer.  This means no measuring or over/under ordering your color.